Dental Clinic Procedures & Services

We all lead busy lives these days and they only seem to be getting busier. With hectic work and family obligations it can become difficult to make time for our dental health, which is why Wyndam Dental Care is pleased to offer conveniently located services in Ajax Dental Clinic. You can visit us for regular dental checkups and essential procedures, all conveniently located close to home.

Our dental office are suited for all members of the family, from your toddler’s first checkup, to tooth whitening for you, or dental implants for an older parent, we offer the services you need.

Our Dental Services include:

Lifelong Preventive Care
Routine dental evaluations and treatments such as fillings, root canals and wisdom teeth removal. Dental care for the whole family.
Periodontal Care
Periodontal care involves the prevention and treatment of periodontal disease, also known as gum disease.
Cosmetic Dentistry
Yes, you can have the smile you’ve always dreamt about. The latest cosmetic procedures have made it easier than ever.
Implant Dentistry
Replace missing teeth with comfortable, natural looking dental implants.
Teeth Whitening
Whether you’re getting married, starting a new job, or simply want the look of a brighter smile, our tooth-whitening procedures can help remove stains and age-related discoloration.
Oral Surgery
Come see us for everything from general tooth extractions to wisdom tooth removal, and jaw repair issues.
Correct misaligned and crooked teeth with a number of different orthodontic options. Available for teen and adult patients.


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